Leggings have transformed themselves from a “sloppy item” to a fashion staple piece in any women’s wardrobe. The versatility of leggings enables women to wear them not only to the gym but also as casual pants. However, such statement is only true if you choose the right ones. No worries – we’ve got the tips to help you get out of confusion about choosing the best leggings!


  1. Set your purpose

Leggings come in different designs, colors and of course – purposes. A good pair of running leggings is not suitable for your yoga class, and yoga leggings don’t maximize your running success. That said, it is crucial to consider the functional intent when choosing leggings. Some leggings are designed with compression waistbands while some are looser for less intense exercises. For example, highly-compressed leggings that fit close to the body, enhance performance and reduce soreness are preferred by runners or kickboxers. Gentle and no compression tight that allows moving flexibly is a perfect fit for dancers. Hence, ask yourself following questions to define your purpose: Which exercises will you do? How do you wish these leggings to support you? Do you wear them as gym clothing only or everyday wear as well?

Determine your exercise purpose is the first priority

  1. Know the fabric

Shopping for leggings are sometimes tough as you might not know if they are durable or elastic. There are different leggings fabrics: cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, nylon and so on. Polyester is a popular choice for most activewear leggings as it is water-resistant, sweat-wicking while giving extra protection against UV rays. Similarly, spandex is known for being stretchy and providing complete freedom in movement. Nylon has many advantages as it is durable, breathable and lightweight. Natural fibers — like cotton — soak up and hold onto sweat, tend to be used in slower yoga and weightlifting workouts.

  1. Understand your body type

Leggings should never go wrong once you wear the right size that fits your body type. For women in pear/triangle shape, we recommend avoid cropped leggings and leggings that emphasise your narrow waist. Also, consider dark-color leggings as they help slimming down your bottom body part. If your body shape is rectangle, get a pair that helps create an hourglass illusion: cropped pants, printed design, or thick waistband (add focus to your hips and waist). Don’t forget to add a bright top. Lastly, women whose shoulders or breasts are the broadest section should definitely go for mid-rise waist and plain leggings to avoid drawing attention to the stomach or waist area.

Noticeable waistband creates an hourglass illusion

  1. Consider additional features

The main job of leggings is to support your workout, but they can become more useful with some extras. Leggings with pockets that can securely store stuffs are loved by all women. Take YPL Catwalk Leggings for example: the leggings come with a built-in pocket to hold your phones, access cards and other necessities while you exercise. Have your phone with you while working out without having it on your arm or the ground.

Now you’re all settled with these useful tips. Good luck with finding the perfect leggings!