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Please note that same size garments may still vary depending on fit.

YPL AUSTRALIA follow the standard body measurement lists, based on average body measurements for all sizes.

Note that these measurements can vary a few centimeters in both directions depending on the material.


One Size


YPL Slim Leggings

 150- 175cm ≤75kg

≥175  ≤85kg

YPL Slim Leggings Upgrade

 150- 175cm ≤75kg

YPL 360 Degrees Yoga Pants

 150- 175cm ≤75kg

YPL Slim Leggings-Catwalk

 150- 175cm ≤75kg

YPL Vanish Training Bralette

75B-80C ≤75kg

YPL Crossback Sport Bralette

75B-80C ≤75kg

YPL Slim Abdominal Shaping Shorts

150- 175cm  ≤70kg

YPL Slim Peach Shorts

150- 175cm  ≤70kg

YPL Slim Anti-UV Training Tops

 155- 175cm ≤75kg

YPL Slim Sandy Massage Socks

AU size 5-12

YPL Spacewalker Slim Jacket

155- 175cm  ≤70kg