Enjoy our latest offering to be spot on.

Farewell ordinary, hello extraordinary.

Every woman enjoys attracting attention. We are committed to explore the feminine side of beauty of the women, using the most innovative technologies and the most ingenious craftsmanship to help women to be shown from the most beautiful side. We ensure a healthy lifestyle and believe that, with YPL, all women can become truly confident.


We admire people who have an ability to doubt the ordinary routine in order to gain uniqueness. We never rest on our laurels and will go an extra mile in producing the best for our customer.


We are never afraid of changes. We lead by taking all possible alterations and shifts of market and environment overall as an opportunity to expand and enhance the quality of our business. Such an approach embraces leadership and integrity, ensuring that we always operate fast, openly, transparently.


We are what we do, and we love what we do. Our values sit at the core of our operations and outlook. We believe in YPL and want to share our love with our customers. Nevertheless, we assume that there is always a room for improvement so we keep on learning – from others and yourself.


We lead with love. That means that every area of our business is paid a lot of attention to and is being permanently improved – from the craft of package to the last stitch of the product.